AREA Player Rating Service

Revised 180510
  1. AREA PRIMER: An history of the AREA rating system from its roots to its current form.
  2. AREA ADMINISTRATORS: Your contacts for reporting results and further information. Updated 010906.
  3. The New 'Metric' AREA Scoring System; How your rating goes up and down. These no longer require a translation but are obvious. Also updated for the electronic age.
  4. The Old AREA SCORING: System How your rating goes up and down.
    1. AREA Qualifiers: Suffixes indicating game played, number of opponents, number of Remote (non-Face to face) play, number of (FTF sanctioned) tournaments
  5. AREA HOME PAGE; Check Game index; Member Index; WBC Game codes
  6. Join a AREA PBM/PBEM Ladder in Progress
  7. Submit a SQL series AREA Claim online
  8. Bill's AREA record Updated 020311
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