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  1. TITLE: EastFront [EFT: EastFront 1st edition; EF2: EastFront 2nd edition; cEF: Computer EastFront
  2. PUBLISHER: Columbia Games (COL)
  3. SCOPE: (World War II) The War in Russia, 1941-45
  4. ONLINE CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Barbarossa: June 22, 1941, Germany invades the Soviet Union to begin a titanic four year struggle unmatched in military history. Test your strategic skills! Command the Soviet Red Army or the German Wehrmacht on the vast steppes of Russia. Replay the epic Barbarossa, Stalingrad, and Kursk campaigns.
  5. GAME BOX DESCRIPTION: On June 22, 1941. Germany launched a surprise blitzkrieg on Russia under the code name Barbarossa, beginning a titanic four year struggle that remains the greatest military struggle in history. Few westerners realize how much WWII was decided on the steppes of Russia. The Soviet fought and defeated the main strength of the German army, losing 13 million men in the process. By comparison, the Allies lost a third of a million in North Africa, Italy, France and Germany. By D-day, the Wehrmacht was already a beaten army in the East. Building on the Columbia Games tradition of fine games featuring limited intelligence (Quebec 1759, Napoleon, and Rommel in the Desert), EastFront is a sophisticated yet highly playable simulation game that provides hundreds of hours of enjoyment.
  6. YEAR PUBLISHED (EDITIONS): First Edition (1991). Second Edition (2006). Minor map changes (i.e adding Turkey, etc) to accommodate combination with West Front to create Euro Front. As living rules are available online, Both edition remain playable. The last version of EastFront 1st edition rules version 3.02 (PDF 2,65m MB) are the last edition I am aware of. this version has all the rule and chart errata incorporated. The living rulebook on the Columbia Games site are tailored for EastFront 2nd Edition. Other than the map, there are additional Satellite units for WestFront/EuroFront use. EastFront 1st edition is now a playable collector item. EF2 is configured to mate with WestFront. Relative to EFT, is has a twice the map but about half is extra areas not relative to EFT play. It does have ulilty counters which are beneficial for play.
    • Game Design: Craig Besinque & Tom Dalgliesh
    • Map and Graphics: Eric Holz
    • Development and Playtesters: Bob Albrecht, Lou Coatney, Dave Cox, Ron Gibson,, Ron Hodwitz, Ken Hole, Robert Taylor-smith, UBC Wargamers, Gary Wright
  10. TYPICAL PLAYING TIME (HOURS): 3-5 hours per 6 month scenario. A campaign game can start by starting any scenario and playing to war's end using the 1944 scenario victory conditions.
  11. MAP SCALE:
  12. UNIT SCALE: Axis Corps and Russian Armies
  13. TIME SCALE PER TURN: Two turns per month
  14. NUMBER OF GAME TURNS: 12 turns per scenario.
  15. ARTICLE LISTING: Click here
  17. WBC & AVALONCON HISTORY: Never made it as an Avaloncon event. Premiered as a Prezcon event in 2012 as part of Columbia Con. Scheduled start of Friday February 24.
    • Columbia Games published Computer East Front for Windows 95/98?ME/2000 in 2006. I successfully installed and run it on Windows XP; it does run on Windows7, not sure if it will directly install. Will run off a USB flashdrive.. Supports interactive/hot seat, PBEM, and solitaire play. There is no inherent AI opponent. No Java application VASSAL module at this time. WGA will seek to create one cooperatively with Columbia games as its main advantage is to enable real time server play and an alternate remote play tool.
  19. PBEM OPPORTUNITES: WGA will seek to use Prezcon 2012 to establish a pool or players to participate in annual PBEM tournament and ladder play. The PBEM tournament is slated to begin on 16-April-2012, hopefully on an annual based. Contact Bill Thomson (GM) if interested. There is an active independent Computer EastFront site with a ladder, player ratings, and an annual campaign game tournaments.
  20. WARGAME ACADEMY COMMENTS: The standard Columbia Games block game system. If familiar with this system, there is only a minor learning curve to learn the game. The computer East Front is also a good learning tool as prompts a rulebook search to find out 'Why can't I ....). Learning how to play well is another objective.
  21. ACCOLADES: 1991 Charles S. Roberts Award winner for Best World War II Board Game. Personally I prefer EFT over EF2 as the map area is 66% enabling it to fit on a table. Assuming there is no intention of mating with WestFront (creating EuroFront), no playing area is lost.
  22. WARGAME ACADEMY GAME TOOLS: One first edition play copy; multiple computer EastFront games; one EastFront 2nd edition..
  23. 2013 Prezcon East Front Tournament: Documentation
  24. WGA 2012 EastFront PBEM Scenario Tournament: Announcement. (8-March-2012)

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