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  1. TITLE: Highway to the Reich
  2. PUBLISHER: Simulation Publications Incorporated (SPI)
  3. SCOPE: Operation Market-Garden, September 17-26.
  4. RULEBOOK DESCRIPTION: HIGHWAY TO THE REICH is a tactical, company/troop level simulation of the Allied/German combat action which took place during the critical ten day period of Operation Market-Garden; September 17-26, 1944. Operation Market-Garden was the code name for an Allied attempt to outflank the German West Wall fortifications and gain a crossing of the Rhine River. The operation involved the capture of a seventy-kilometer stretch of highway by Allied Airborne forces. Over this Airborne carpet the troops of the British XXX Corps would pass. The primary concern of the XXX Corps plan was the capture of the crossings of all major water obstacles on the route.
  6. YEAR PUBLISHED (EDITIONS): 1977. The second edition rulebook, essentially a replacement rulebook, was authored by Eric Goldberg. As stated in the 2nd edition rulebook (July, 1977), the game designer left the project midway through the development process with many of his ideas and intentions not appearing in the resulting substandard 1st edition rules. SPI authorized a replacement 2nd edition rulebook to correct this. Many additional rules were added which were credit to player suggestions including alterations to improve scenario balance. Both a double SPI flat box and 'detergent' big box games versions were published for the second edition.
    • Game Design: Jay A. Nelson
    • Physical Systems and Graphics Design: Redmond Simonsen
    • Game Development/Contributing Design: Irad B. Hardy
    • Physical Production: Bill Bauer, Larry Catalano, Bob Fitzpatrick, Manfred Milkuhn, Harry L. Park, Norman Pearl, Robert J. Ryer, Kevin Zucker
    • Playtesting: Steve Bettum, Matisse Enzer, Winston Forrest, Eric Goldberg, Marty Goldberger, Oktay Oztunali, Dave Robertson, Rick Umbaugh, Dave Waxtel.
    • Second Edition Rules Preparation/Contributing Design: Eric Goldberg
    • Course of Battle: Marty Goldberger
    • Assisted by: Robert Bodine, Simon Ellberger, Winston Forrest, Irad B. Hazrdy, Tom Hayakawa, Tom Holsinger, Tom Kassel, Tom Lasinski, Andrew Lockton, Ed McCarthy, Dave Robertson, Don Schiff, Steve Spoulos, Richard Steward, Peter F. Stiller.
    • Rules Assistance: Simon Ellberger
    • Research Aid: David Hughes, Randy Reed
  9. WGA COMPLEXITY SCALE (1-10): 10
  11. MAP SCALE: 600 meters per hex.
  12. UNIT SCALE: Infantry companies, tank troops, artillery batteries.
  13. TIME SCALE PER TURN: two hours per turn.
  14. NUMBER OF GAME TURNS: Seven scenarios and a campaign game which incorporates all the scenario forces.
  16. GAME INVENTORY: #### back printed counters (three counter sheets, three identical marker sheets); four 22" x 34" unmounted mapsheets; two identical charts, German off map movement display, German formation display, Allied Formation display, one German turn record track, Allied turn record track, two dice, Two standard game boxes.
  17. WBC & AVALONCON HISTORY: Not Applicable
    • No Java application VASSAL module at this time.
  19. PBEM OPPORTUNITES: Contact Wargame Academy if interested. A Group effort would be required to create a VASSAL module.
  20. WARGAME ACADEMY COMMENTS: I haven't played this one personally but have seen it played and was considered by the players involved to be good game. The campaign game is best played in teams. Several computer games of the same topic have also appeared (i.e. V for Victory: Market Garden) to give a computer game flavor without the social aspect/challenge of gaming. I prefer the latter.
  21. WARGAME ACADEMY GAME TOOLS: None planned. One play copy with 2nd edition rules.
  22. ACCOLADES: 1977 Charles Roberts Award Best Tactical Game nominee.

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