Regenerated to be limited to active SQLS Ladder member 091209


Name Country State/Prov City Primary Email Secondary Email Telephone (optional) Play Level Tounry Level Last Report Updated
1 Thomson, Bill USA Texas Garland bill@wargameacademy.org bill.thomson@us.fujitsu.com 817-501-2978 GIA GIA   090513
2 Grasha, Phil USA PA   pgrasha@zoominternet.net grasha@freeport.k12.pa.us         090513
3 Standeven, Jack       jackstandeven@comcast.net           090512
4 Ingram Barry       IngramBJ@aol.com           090512
  Goss, Mark USA KS Buhler markgoss1963@yahoo.com     SQL     091209
5 Ekengren, Neal  USA  FL   nekengren@cfl.rr.com           090511
6 Osterbrink, Oliver  Germany Aachen   oliver.osterbrink@web.de    +49 (0)179 / 4875184       090511
7  Garvin, David       dwgarvin@gmail.com           090511
  1. This listing is specifically for SQLS Ladder Play; to be distinquished for the SQLA Player Roster.
  2. Ability to play at a level may differ from level desired in tournament format.
  3. Updated column is used do denote contact information changes
  4. Must complete a game with 24 months else becomes inactive. (Same as SQLS AREA).
  5. All games are AREA rated (Bill Thomson is the current SQLA AREA admin).
Update your information using the web based SQLA website SQLA roster Input Form.
Please send comments and corrections via email to Wargame Academy bill@wargameacademy.org