SQL adaptation of COI Scenario B; Hill 253.5; Scenario Design by Bill Thomson; Updated 130615

July 1943. 40 Miles North of Kursk ; Operation Citadel had begun, but instead of the desired lightning breakthrough, the fighting had taken on the characteristics of WWI trench warfare.In the attempt to unhinge the Russian defenses on the heights near the village of Ponyri. Following the capture of Hill 239.8, the German assault on Hill 253.5 was ordered.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: Germans win if at the end of the game they solely occupy, with unbroken squads or function AFV's, four of the level 3 hexes of Hill 621 and there are no Russian unbroken squads or functioning AFV's on the remaining level 3 hexes. "Functioning" is defined as having an inherent crew and any working armament inherent to the vehicle. Russians win by preventing the German victory conditions.

Russians Setup First
German Move First
  • AT START : Elements of the 307th Rifle Division: Set up south of road Q1-Y10:
    1x9-1, 1x8-1, 1x8-0, 6x447, 2x628, 4x237, 2xLMG, 2xMMG, 1x50 cal, 1xDC, 1xFT, 1xRadio, 3x57ATG, 40xMines Factors, 8xConcealment, 8xEntrenchments, 6xWire
  • TURN4: Mechanized Tank Brigade Elements: Enter on turn 4 via south edge:
    3x628; 1x91; 2xLMG; 2xT34C; 1xM5(MG)
  • AT START : Elements of the 18th Panzer Division and the Panzerjager Battalion 653: Set up North of road Q1-Y10:
    1x10-2; 1x9-2; 1x9-1, 8-1, 1x7-0, 8x467, 4x838, 4xLMG; 2xDC, 2xFT, 2xPsk (use Baz counters to represent Psk), 1xRadio, 2xMkIVF2, 1xStugIII(105), 2xAHT
  • WG107.1: Wire and mines may be placed in or south of the road Q1-Y10. The minimum density in a mine hex is 6 factors.
  • WG107.2: The German player may not inspect the contents of entrenchment counters prior to his initial setup.
  • WG107.3: German 838s units may make unlimited smoke.
  • WG107.4:The Russian 628s may use FT and DC but cannot lay smoke
  • WG107.5: Use American Bazooka counters to represent the German Panzerschreck (Psk): use the bazooka TO HIT numbers as on the Bazooka counter, the Panzerschreck TO KILL  are 6/7/8 (front/side/rear) and 9 for unarmored targets; a Depletion number of 9 (X9+). and HE attack factor of 8.
  • WG107.6: Each Player secretly defines his OBA module selection during the German Turn 1 Rally phase: 4 missions of 80mm, 3 missions of 2 missions of 120mm, or 1 mission of 150mm.
  • WG107.7: SIDE SELECTION PROCEDURE: Each player takes one marker of each nationality and simultaneously reveals their choice of side. If opposing sides are selected, those sides are assigned. If the same side is chosen, the players bid for side with the lower rated (seed) player bidding first. Bids may start at '0' and progress in whole numbers only. The bid is the number of dominate AT START squads to be added to the opposing side. The bid continues until one player accepts the opposing side whose force is augmented with that bid. Please report the bid, winning side and comments (i.e. uneven die rolls at key moments) as this data will be used for balance modification the scenario prior to its published form.

PLAYTEST STATUS: This scenario is currently in playtest (Beta Release), please contact Squad Leader Academy to join this effort. The 'final' version will be published as a SQLA/Wargame Academy (WGA) scenario pack.