SQL Scenario design by Bill Thomson; Updated 100717

February 1945. Germany; As the German Reich crumbles, advancing American forces enter yet another German city uncertain if they will be opposed by token forces or will face determined resistance. For the common Allied soldier,, the goal of surviving the war in its final stages supercedes proving oneself a hero. Even in 1945 when the German strategic situation was hopeless, the German soldier continued to fight grim determination, exacting a heavy toll on the Allied riflemen casualties and morale. An Allied soldier lament paraphrased in Max Hastings book ARMAGEDDON: The Battle for Germany 1944-45 (2004; AA Knopf, New York; ISBN 0-375-41433-9) "Even though we are winning the war, the Germans are not losing".

VICTORY CONDITIONS: The Americans win by achieving uncontested control of building 21J3 at the end of any complete game turn. without losing 9 infantry units. Uncontested control implies no enemy infantry unit (leader, squad or crew) remains in any hex of this building and one unbroken friendly squad is in any hex of the building. Should the Americans lose 9 infantry units at the conclusion of any player phase, they will immediately withdraw and cede victory to the Germans side. For this purpose, AFVs and their crews have no value towards this infantry tally.

only row A-P are playable
Germans Setup First
(SSR) Move First

PLAYTEST STATUS: This scenario is currently in playtest (Beta Release), please contact Squad Leader Academy to join this effort. The 'final' version will be published as a SQLA/Wargame Academy (WGA) scenario pack. As of 060410; eight games have completed with the following results [bid in brackets]: A [+6\]; A [+4]**; A [+3]; A[+1]*]; A[+0]; A [+0]; G[+0]; A [-2]. * indicates A was working at maximum causalities during final turns, ** indicates both sides were working at maximum causalities during final turns. Thanks to B. Black, J. Blazel, A. Cummins, S. Eriksson, E. Filipkowski, A. Jackson, R. Menzel, M. Pacheco, P. Pollard, C. Stewart, B. Thomson, D/ VanBronkhorst, C. Young, A. Yngve,

UPDATE 100717: Recent play in the 2009 SQLS BPA single elimination quarterfinal play by six top tier players assessed that without bidding the German player has significant advantages, as the Americans must effectively destroy all Germans in the key building. This almost requires a flanking attack on both sides to prevent the Germans from fading away during movement and advancing back from the safe side. To mitigate this, the choice of who moves first now belongs to the American player, forcing the German to setup exposed to American firepower or allow an uncontested American initial advance. The M10 reinforcements now arrive one turn earlier (turn 5). Thanks to Andrew Cummins, Scott Bramley, Phil Grasha, Howard Rosenberg, Pete Pollard, and Bill Thomson for input.