WG113 "The Cost of Prestige"

Scenario Design by Bill Thomson; Updated 190220

August 28, 1941: Although denuded of Panzer support, the timely arrival of reinforcements enabled German infantry elements of the 20th Army Corps to stalemate the repeated Russian battering of the Yelnia salient. Infantry heroics assisted by Sturmgeschutz assault guns, representing the only effective counter to stunning arrivals of T34s front lines, are called upon to restore the line. Army Group Center high command is committed to retain the Yelna salient as a possible springboard to Moscow in a renewed offensive. The vacancy of PanzerGruppe 2, to participate in the encirclement of Kiev, leaves the German infantry on its own. Both sides continue the struggle at Yelnia, while the headlines focus on actions to the south.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: The Germans win if at the end they occupy all five of the designated victory hexes with a good order squad (not broken, or in melee) in the location and no Russian unit is present. The Russain player initially controls all victory hexes at the start of the scenario. The Russian player immediately regains control if no German good order squad remains in the hex. The victory hexes are: I6, J1, M1, O7, Q3.




Russians Setup First
Germans Move First




PLAYTEST STATUS: This scenario is currently in playtest (Beta Release), please contact Squad Leader Academy to join this effort. The 'final' version will be published as a SQLA/Wargame Academy (WGA) scenario pack.

AFTERMATH: The German infantry Divisions were hard pressed to hold their ground given their meager resources. Given the ineffectiveness of the standard ATGs vs the T34, the Sturmgeschutz assault gun were pressed into an antitank role and served as the only effective AT weapon beyond heroic infantry assaults. The misguided fixation by OKH to hold the Yelnia salient as a jumping off point for a potential renewed summer Moscow offensive proved to be a sad commentary on some of the generals who advocated maintaining a position solely for reasons of prestige. To say that Yelnia was a costly blunder would be to minimize its true horror for the German infantryman.


David Garvin vs Matt Spitznagel 060826: Very well played by both. We had personal ups (My STG III destroyed both T 34s in a long range tank duel, his 9-1 wiped out FOUR 467s with one shot, firing a MMG solo!) and we both had downs (reverse the situations from above: he lost both tanks to my STG, I lost 4 squads in one attack!). In the end, my manpower losses were critical. Matt was able to get enough of his reinforcements to the key areas in order to fend off my attack on the final two victory locations. My company mortars were effective this game, but losing my STG III in close combat to a 447 put me out of the match. Very well played by Matt, and an enjoyable experience. I look forward to playing him again.