WG152: "PATCHWORK"; Scenario Design by Bill Thomson; REV 0

NOVEMBER, 1944: As the German Army becomes stretched thin, a repeated scene on both fronts is depicted. A German mobile reserve attempts to limit the gains of Allied forces exploiting through a breakthrough in the front lines.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: Germans win by occupying at the games's end at least three of the building hexes in the village center wiht a leader, squad, or crew. A melee hex does not qualify as German occupancy. Allies win by avoid a German victory.

BOARD LAYOUT: Board 3 is lengthwise along the north edge with the ID# in the Northeast corner.

|                       3 |    
|                         |     

Six full game turns; Reveal bids; reveal multi-level building locations; Allies setup first; Germans move first.

GERMAN FORCES: Elements of a German Mobile AT company: Enter turn One between 3O1 and 3S1 inclusive:

Available German Turn Three: An off board 105mm single hex OBA per SSR 6.

ALLIED FORCES: Allied Mechanized Breakthrough Force per lowest bid: All vehicles and their passengers must enter from either East and/or West board edges per SSR 3. Al others may setup East of hex row F inclusive and/or West of hex row BB inclusive. Allied player may bid either an all Russian or all American Force

SSR 1: TERRAIN: Building 3M2 is a multi-story wooden building. All roads do not exist. Prior to start of game, each player may at their option secretly designate one building outside the village center (enclosed by mapboard printed road) as a two story building. This is revealed prior to setup; each hex of the selected buildings have a stairwell. All level two hill hexes are level one hill woods hexes (any buildings within still exist)
SSR 2: Due to a constant heavy breeze, no smoke of any kind (including building fires) is present in this scenario.
SSR 3: BID FORCE: Prior to German turn one, the Allied Player must divide his force into East and West groups. All non-vehicle units may setup within the defined setup areas or enter with their vehicles during Turn One. All vehicles must enter from off board on turn One. Placement of any purchased fortifications must be limited to their setup areas. Bunkers may not be purchased..
SSR 4; BID FORCE: If a Allied bid force includes a radio, OBA module selection is defined in the first rally phase must be: 4 missions of 80mm, 3 missions of 100mm, 2 missions of 120mm, or 1 mission of 150mm.
SSR 5: The German radio may only be used to contact an off board WESPE with a 105mm gun. Starting on German Turn 3, the German player may utilize the normal artillery procedure however only a single hex 105mm blast area is created. Every SR or FFE shot requries a malfunction check. The WESPE breaks down normally on a unmodified 12 and is repaired in the same manner as a tank gun. The radio itself can be used prior to turn 3 for contact purposes but an AR may not be placed prior to turn 3