WG155: "DEATHTRAP"; Scenario Design by Bill Thomson Adapted to SQL from "Two Eyes for an Eye" by Bryan Beecher; REV A

February, 1945: Americans assault the Town hall of another German city defended by fanatics who fear retribution.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: The Americans must clear all hexes of building X4 of all German leaders squads, and crews at the conclusion of the Close Combat Phase of German Turn Six. The Scenario ends as a German Victory if the Americans have lost more than half American squads (fractions rounded down) that started the game.


  |            |              |       
  | 1          |              |     

Six full game turns; Germans setup first; Americans Move first

GERMAN FORCES: Setup in any building hex of T2, T4, T7, X4, V3, V4, Y8, and/or AA4.

AMERICAN FORCES: Setup in any whole hex west of row S inclusive or east of row BB inclusive which is not adjacent to a German unit.

SSR 1: Fanaticism rules (26) apply to all German units in the same hex as German Leader (regardless if the leader is broken). Units on different levels are considered different hexes.
SSR 2: All wooden building hexes east of row Q inclusive are considered to be on fire. Place burning building counters in these hexes .
SSR 4: All wire and mines must be placed adjacent to Building X4.
SSR 3: BID FORCE: If a American bid force includes a radio, OBA module selection is defined in the first rally phase must be: 4 missions of 80mm, 3 missions of 100mm, 2 missions of 120mm, or 1 mission of 150mm.