WG156: "LONG MARCH HOME"; Scenario Design by Ted Ewen; REV B

JULY, 1943: The Russian steamroller starts with a few driveways. Retreating German forces display their discipline and resiliency in effective withdrawals which limit Russian gains.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: Germans win by possessing a great victory point total at the conclusion of the scenario; any other result is a Russian victory. Both Germans and Russians earn 1 VP for each enemy Leader, Squad or crew eliminated. Each unbroken Russian Leader, Squad, or Crew exited off the south edge counts as 1 VP towards the Russian total.


  |            |             3|       
  |            |              |     
  |            |             4|       
  |            |              |     

Six full game turns; Germans move first per SSR 1 followed by German turn 1.

RUSSIAN FORCES: Enter from the North edge.

GERMAN FORCES: Per Bid, enter any North Edge during pregame turn (SSR 1)

SSR 1: Prior to turn 1, Germans have a pregame turn in which all units enter from the North edge. No unit may move more than 4MF on this turn during the movement phase. All unis may move in the pregame Advance Phase. There is no correspondin Russian pregame turn..
SSR 2: Germans may not purchase vehicles or fortifiaiton of any kind.
SSR 3: BID FORCE: If a German bid force includes a radio, OBA module selection is defined in the first rally phase must be: 4 missions of 80mm, 3 missions of 100mm, 2 missions of 120mm, or 1 mission of 150mm.