WG212:"TO THE RESCUE"; Scenario Design by Bill Thomson; Updated 150623

November, 1942: The 3rd Shock Army has encircled the German garrison in Velikiye Luki. A Russian spearhead is directed further West towards Novosokolniki threatening both the town and the vital Vitebsk-Lenigrad RR, the lifelife of Army group North. This thrust is met by the German relief forces as a prelude to the attempted rescue of the Velikiye Luki.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: The Russians must clear any three multi hex buildings of size 3 hexes or larger of all German infantry (Leader, Squad, Crew on foot) units. Building W4 counts as two buildings for victory purposes. Any lesser result is a German victory.

BOARD LAYOUT: All board ID# are as shown.

 N |            |            4 |       
 O |            |              |     
 R +---------------------------+    
 T |            |              |   
 H | 1          |              |    

SCENARIO SEQUENCE: Six full game turns; The Russian sniper sets up first (re: SSR5) followed by the Germans At Start units; Russians move first.


At START: Elements of the 59th Korps setup on any whole hex of Board one. 1x9-1, 1x8-1; 1x8-0; 1x6+1; 12x467; 4x247; 1xHMG, 1xMMG, 2xLMG, 2xATR, 2x50mm MTR, 4xPF42b; 1x75mm/L22 IG 37, 1x50mm/L60 Pak 38; 1x20mm/L115 Flak 30; 1x20mm/L112.6 Flak 38; 4xconcealment

TURN 4: Lead elements of the 8th Panzer Division: Enter any West edge hex: 2xPzKwIIIL; 1xPzKwIVF2; 1x81 Armor Leader; 2xSPW251/1; 4x548; 1x91, 1x8-0; 2xLMG; 2xPF42b. All units must line up on there entry hex prior to the first unit entering the board, paying sequential movement costs.

RUSSIAN FORCES: Elements of the 34th Mechanized Division: Setup on any whole hex of board 4 East of row 5 inclusive. All vehicles and their passengers must line up in their entry hexes, on any east edge hexes on board 4 prior to Russian Turn 1, paying sequential movement costs : 1x9-1; 1x8-0; 1x7-0; 1x6+1; 5x548; 12x447; 3x537; 5x237; 1x188(-3); 1xATR; 5xLMG; 8xMC; 3xHorse; 2xT60A; 2xT34B; 1xT34ATO

SSR 1: All buildings are of wooden construction. Only buildings K4 and X3 are multi-story.
SSR 2: Deep snow conditions exist with effects as follows: No road movement rate is allowed. Additionally, the movement rate of all units is doubled except on paved roads on board 1 and within the same building. Each hex into which a fully tracked AFV movement creates a track which infantry can travel at normal non road movement rate only when moving from a track to track. Entrenchment rolls are modified by +2; the moving in the open modifier is reduced to -1 rather than -2.
SSR 3: Visibility is reduced due to falling snow. Units may not fire at targets beyond the visibility range, however penetration occurs normally. Roll for visibility each rally phase. Visibility is 3 for dr=1 or 2; Visibility is 4 for dr=3 or 4; Visibility is 5 for dr=5 or 6.
SSR 4: The German concealment counters must be placed on all gun locations and benefit only the gun and crew when in concealable terrain (the V size gun cannot be placed in buildings). The are not removed if other units in the hex fire; only when the gun fires or per an unbroken infantry unit remains adjacent after DFPh or APh..
SSR 5: The Russian Sniper setups first, on any whole hex. Should a German infantry unit setup in its hex, on CCPh is resolved prior to RT1. The sniper is starts unconcealed if a German infantry unit sets up in any adjacent hex.
SSR 6: Prior to game start, the Russian player may exchange any number of 458 squads for 628 squads. 458 are Russian Guards Rifle squads from the ASL counter set. British 458s may be used if available.