WG216 Agony of Doom Redux [171126]

Given that the COI 110 is considered highly unbalanced towards the Axis (old SLlist had it at Axis record of 13-2); changes were made in the ASL version (A9 from the ASL ANNUAL ’89. latter #136). That too was unbalanced per the ASL ROAR with a record of 51-11 (as of 170914); the postponement of the German reinforcements was implemented as a potential remedy.

MUNCHENEBERG, German y 19 April 1945: With the Third Reich in its death throes, the Soviet juggernaut began to pick up speed. The German defense line on the Oder had been broken; one town after another fell to the Russian armies as they advanced on Berlin. Hitler was determined not to fight the final battle in the city itself, but rather on the front of the IX Army. Throwing whatever troops were available into the path of the onrushing hordes, the Germans plaid a bitter price for every day’s delay. One such instance where heavy fighting occurred was in and round the little town of Muncheneberg; there the Germans momentarily mounted a semblance of organized defense. Here, just 20 miles east of the capital, mixed units of the 56th Panzer Corps mad a gallant effort to forestall the inexorable advance of the 8th Guards army.


SQL & COI (Including COI Supplemental Rules B, J, & M)





The Russians win immediately by controlling >= 4 multi-hex buildings.


• Germans Setup First; Russian Moves First; 9 Game Turns.


AT START: Remnants of Panzer Korps LVI set up on board 3 on/west of hexrow Z: 1x8-1; 1x8-0; 1x7-0; 4x447, 7x436; 1x247; 2xLMG, 6xPF44a, 1x75mm/L46 Pak40 ATG, 1xPzVIE.
TURN 3: Reinforcements enter on/between hexes 3A5 to 3K10: 1x9-2, 3x467, 2xLMG, 2xATM, 1xPzck, 1xSPW251/1, 2xLight Truck.
• TURN 4: Reinforcements enter on/between hexes 3A5 to 3K10L: 2xJagdPzV.


AT START: Reinforced elements of the 242nd Rifle Regiment, 82nd Rifle Division enter on Turn 1 along the east edge of board(s) 3/5: 2x9-1, 1x8-0; 4x628, 4x458, 5x447; 3xLMG; 2xMMG, 4xATM, 1xJSU152, 2xJSU122, 2xT34/85, 2xJag Heavy Truck. .


• WG216.1: Terrain: All hexes of Hill 547 are considered ground level woods. All hexes of Hill 534 are considered ground level.
• WG216.2: Only the ATG may bore sight.
• WG216.3: The Russian 458 are Guards Rifle units found in the ASL counter set. For those with COD, British 458s can be substituted. VSQL included these units by design.

© 2017 A Squad Leader Academy Scenario; www.wargameacademy.org/SQLA
Scenario Design: Original Series 100, Courtney Allen (1979).
Scenario Card Composition: Bob Osipov