WG252: "LAST DANCE"; Scenario Design by Bill Thomson; REV A

November, 1944: Quality German units are lost piecemeal when committed against superior Russian numbers. Unfortunately the favorable German kill ratio becomes meaningless as Russian advances cannot be held in check.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: The Russians must exit 3 AFVs with functional armament off the west edge assuming no mobile German AFVs are mobile at the games end. Three squads exited count as one exited AFV (Factions rounded down).

BOARD LAYOUT: All board ID# are as shown.

  |            |            5 |       
  |            |              |     
N +---------------------------+    
O |            |              |   
R | 2          |              |    
T +---------------------------+ 
H |            |              |   
  |            |            3 |    

Eight full game turns; German setup first; Germans move first.

RUSSIAN FORCES: . Setup on any whole hex East of the printed AA5/GG5 road hex on board 2: All vehicles may setup in woods or building with no risk of immobilization.

GERMAN FORCES: AT START: Setup on any whole hex West of the printed AA5/GG5 road hex on board 2:

SSR 1: TERRAIN, All hills do not exits and are treated as ground level. Other terrain remains as printed. Due to recent snowfall, no road movement rates are used. Forest road vehicle restrictions remain in force. Entrenchments may not be constructed; wheatfields do not exist.
SSR 2: The German T34/C is immobile. Captured weapon rules do not apply but this vehicle uses red to hit numbers. Captured weapon penalties do apply to the German 50cal MG.
SSR 3: All German vehicles starting in a woods or building (no immobilization risk incurred) are initially represented by a STUG counter until they fire or are within 6 hexes of a unbroken Russian unit at which time it is replaced by the correct counter. All such vehicles are considered a small target until revealed.
SSR 4: The 50mm ATG may set up hidden and declare its covered arc when revealed.
SSR 5: BID FORCE: If a Russian bid force includes a radio, OBA module selection is defined in the first rally phase must be: 4 missions of 80mm, 3 missions of 100mm, 2 missions of 120mm, or 1 mission of 150mm.
SSR 6: The German 584 are considered assault engineers with smoke making capability.
SSR 7: The concealment counters must be placed on the entrenchments and bunkers regardless of terrain. The contents of these locations may not be inspected when covered with a concealment counter. SSR 8: The German Field phone and its spotter may set up hidden. It may only be used to contact the battalion 82mm MTR represented by a single hex 82mm OBA. This unit possesses both smoke and HE ammo. Any FFE resulting in a unmodified 12 results in a gun malfunctioned with normal repair procedure applying.