WG253: "DEATH RATTLE";Scenario Design by Bill Thomson; REV 0

February, 1945: As the end nears, Russians forces intensify efforts to overcome remaining resistance with applied pressure.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: The Russians must clear five of seven multi hex stone buildings four hexes or larger of unbroken non-sniper German units at the games end.

BOARD LAYOUT: All board ID# are on the upper left side as shown.

  |            |              |       
  | 5          |              |     
  |            |              |   
  | 1          |              |    

SCENARIO SEQUENCE: Eight full game turns; Setup sequence: Rubble counters per SSR1; Russian initial forces less snipers; Germans; Russian snipers set up last on any hexes not adjacent to a German unit. Germans move first.

GERMAN FORCES: INITIAL FORCE PER BID plus 6 Rubble. Setup on any whole hex of board 1.

German vehicles and their riders may enter from any south edge hex on turn 1 if not placed in the setup area.

RUSSIAN FORCES: AT START: Vehicles and their riders must setup on the forest road between 5Q6 and 5J3 inclusive. All others must setup in any whole woods hex on board 5. Snipers setup last in any hex in the playing area not in or adjacent to a German unit.

TURN 3: Russian flanking force: Vehicles and their riders enter Turn 3 from either East or West board edge (not both) or Turn 4 from any South edge. Russian must make this decision during setup after placement of rubble counters. Snipers setup last in any hex in the playing area not in or adjacent to a German unit.

SSR 1: Each player places one rubble counter alternating with Russian placing first in any stone building hex or adjacent to a previously placed rubble hex. Rubble placed in a street blocks all vehicle movement and cost one additional MF for infantry. Street rubble does not block LOS but possesses a +1 TEM. All fire at ground level through a rubble hex incurs a +1 drm for each street rubble counter traced.
SSR 2: BID FORCE: If a German bid force includes a radio, OBA module selection is defined in the first rally phase must be: 4 missions of 80mm, 3 missions of 100mm, 2 missions of 120mm, or 1 mission of 150mm.
SSR 3: The German 628 are considered assault engineers for DC and FT usage but possess no smokemaking capability.
SSR 4: The Russian SU76M has unlimited smoke shell ammo.