WG255: "REDEMPTION BY FIRE"; Scenario Design by Bill Thomson; REV A

OCTOBER, 1943: Attemting to exploit a breach in German defenses, Guards Rifles and Heavy tanks are committed to wreck havoc in German Rear areas. The Axis counters with a timely dispatch of the last mobile reserve.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: The Russians must exit a minimum of two AFVs (with functional main armnament) and two unroken squads off the North edge of the mapboard prior to the conclusion of turn 6. Any other result is a German victory.

BOARD LAYOUT: All board ID# are as shown.

   |            |            2 |       
   |            |              |     
   |            |            5 |   
   |            |              |    

SCENARIO SEQUENCE: Six full game turns; Germans move first.


RUSSIAN FORCES: Enter from any South edge of board 5. Turn one units may enter as passengers on turn 2. Sequentially vehicle entry applies as appropriate.

SSR 1: All woods hexes on fully on board 5 are considered wheatfield hexes.
SSR 2: Use Russian 447 squads to represent the 458 Guards rifle units. Both good order and broken side morale is 8; normal range is 5 hexes.
SSR 3: Due to a poor performance in its initial battle, the 7th Guards Rifle Division has been stongly 'encouraged' by STAVKA to redeem themselves. All Russian infantry will go bezerk on any modified MC DR of 3 or less. Should bezerk units eliminate all Germans in a CC hex, they have the option of returning to normal status.
SSR 4: BID FORCE: If a Russian bid force includes a radio, OBA module selection is defined in the first rally phase must be: 4 missions of 80mm, 3 missions of 100mm, 2 missions of 120mm, or 1 mission of 150mm.