WG257: "DO OR DIE"; Scenario Design by Bill Thomson; Rev A

JULY, 1941: Southwest of Kiev Encircled Russian forces attempt to breakthrough east though Rumanian lines.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: The Russians must exit 8 squads off the east edge. AFVs and Guns with a functional main gun equal to or larger than 20mm counts a 2 squads. Leaders, crews and vehicles of other types have no value.

BOARD LAYOUT: All board ID# are on the upper left side as shown.

  |            |            3 |       
  |            |              |     
  |            |            2 |   
  |            |              |    

Six full game turns; Rumanians setup first; Rumanians move first.


AT START: Setup on any whole or half hex of board 3 and/or on board 2 within two hexes inclusive of any whole hex of board 3. The ATG sets up HIP, the covered arc is defined when revealed per Rumanian players choice.

TURN 4: Enter on any North OR South edge road hex.


AT START: Enter Turn 1 on any hexes 2GG5-2Y1 inclusive.

SSR 1: Neither side may ride AFVs.
SSR 2: The Rumanian player may substute his PLC for either the at start 8-1 or reinforcement 8-1.
SSR 3: The Rumanian PLC and any squads or crews stacked in the same hex has their broken side morale is increased by 1 to match the unbroken side morale morale.
SSR 4: Use German counters (G) for the Rumanian 50mm MTR and ATR. Consider these Rumanian SW for all purposes. Use a German 247 for the Rumanian crew. The broken side morale is 6.
SSR 5: Rumanians use Red TO HIT numbers.
SSR 6: BID FORCE: If a Russian bid force includes a radio, OBA module selection is secretly defined in the first rally phase must be: 4 missions of 80mm, 3 missions of 100mm, 2 missions of 120mm, or 1 mission of 150mm.