WG260:"WAKEUP CALL"; Scenario Design by Pete Pollard ; RevD

July, 1944: : East Prussia: The Russians continue to roll.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: The Russians must be the last to occupy 5 of the multi-story buildings or its rubble on board 1. AFV's, crews, snipers and leaders do not count toward or against these victory conditions.

BOARD LAYOUT: As shown (Note: the board numbers are in the correct position, however, on the actual boards the number would be up-side down.)

    |            |            1 |       
    |            |              |     
    |            |              |   
    | 3          |              |    

Six full game turns; Rubble placement (alternating one counter each with German placing first); Simultaneous setup of forces; Russians move first.


AT START: Simultaneous set up on any whole hex on board 1 or may hold in reserve some/none/or all his units to arrive on turn 2.


AT START: Simultaneous set up on any whole hex on board 3.

SSR 1: All level 1 hills are ground level and all level 2 hills are level 1.
SSR 2: BID FORCE: If the German purchase a radio, he must define the OBA module secretly defined in the first rally phase must be: 6 missions of 80mm, 3 missions of 100mm, 2 missions of 120mm, or 1 mission of 150mm.
SSR 3: No fortifications may be purchased.
SSR 4: When personal leader counters are not in play, substitute a 8-1 leader.
SSR 5: Each side has 4 rubble counters which are placed during setup. A rubble counter must be placed in a stone building hex or adjacent to another rubble counter. Rubble counters are to be placed only on board 1, including half-hexes shared by board 3. Any units in the upper story of a building that is rubbled during setup merely is in rubble on the ground level. Vehicles may not be intially placed nor cross a rubble hex.
SSR 6: The Russian player receives a rocket attack which consists of (6) 300mm rockets. The attack is predesignated during the simultaneous set up by selecting one target hex. This target hex must be in the LOS of a Russian leader upon setup. Accuracy is then rolled for each rocket (accuracy of 1, normal extent of error resolution) and the attack is resolved on the 36+ IFT column with a -2DRM. Non-KIA results on a multi-story building only affects the upper story. A KIA results rubbles all levels of the hex. KIA on open ground or roads causes shellholes, and KIA in woods destroys the woods providing a -2DRM on subsequent attacks. No fire is created in these rocket attacks.