WG261: "TO STOP THE BEAR (CoI Version); Scenario Design by Alan Yngve, 1996; REV C

EAST PRUSSIA: February, 1945: With orders to hold a small hamlet on the East Prussian road network, a scratch force of German defenders attempts to stand in the way of the advancing Soviet forces. German patrols had skirmished with Soviet patrols to the east during the previous day. But as the cold evening darkness arrived, the Germans shortened their perimeter for the night, thankful that no attack had yet occurred. As the dawn of the new day broke, Soviet panzer engines were again heard to the east, did this mean that an attack would occur today? Could the perimeter have been infiltrated during the night? [Adapted from a description in the (probable) historical fiction by Guy Sajer, _The_Forgotten_Soldier_.]

VICTORY CONDITIONS: VICTORY CONDITIONS: To win, the Soviet Victory Point (VP) total must exceed the German VP total. Germans win by avoiding Russian victory. The Soviets (only) earn 5 VP for each controlled cliff overlook hex (2w5, 2u4, 2t6, 2s7, and 2r2) [up to 25VP]. The Germans (only) earn 2 VP for each controlled building hex within the German set up area and 1 VP for all other controlled building hexes [up to 34 VP]. All buildings west of hex row Q are considered to be initially German controlled. See SSR 5.

BOARD LAYOUT: As shown Board 2 is lengthwise along the north edge with the ID# in the Northeast corner. Board 4 is lengthwise along the south edge with the ID# in the southwest corner.

  |                            2 |
  |                              |
  |                              |
  |                              |
  |                              |
  | 4                            |

Six full game turns; Soviets set up first; Germans move first.



SSR 1: TERRAIN: All level 2 hill hexes are level 1 hill hexes. Other terrain exists in these hexes. All level 3 hill hexes are level 1 woods hexes. Cliff hexsides at 2w5, 2u4, 2t6, 2s7, and 2r2 still exist. Level 1 cliffs have no combat effect other than infantry height advantage but prevent movement.
SSR 2: BID FORCE: All purchased German vehicles, ordnance and/or air support must enter as turn 4 reinforcements. No fortifications of any type may be purchased. If a German bid force includes a radio, OBA module must be: 4 missions of 80mm, 3 missions of 100mm, 2 missions of 120mm, or 1 mission of 150mm.
SSR 3: BID FORCE: No more than half (based on purchase cost) of the bid force may be initially set up on the board. All forces not initially set up must enter as German turn 4 reinforcements. The division of the German forces must be specified prior to initial Soviet set up.
SSR 4: CONTROL: A VP hex is controlled for victory purposes if: a squad (not crew, leader or sniper) was the last unit in the hex, the hex was occupied at game end by a friendly armed and functioning (not immobilized) AFV, or the initial German control is not negated.
SSR 5: The movement of an HIP unit does not reveal other HIP units in the same hex.