SQL-COD-Scenario 203:


Created on VASSAL 1.9.9; using VSQL 3.0.1; by Bill Sosnicki; 11/19/2005

Original Scenario by TAHGC

GUDBRANDSAL VALLEY, NORWAY, April 28, 1940:  As the fight in southern Norway moved into the highlands, the German tactics developed into somewhat of a uniform pattern. Largely restricted by the surrounding terrain and weather conditions any line of advance had to parallel the existing road system.  Taking advantage of these restrictions, the allies based their defense on a series of roadblocks supported by flanking fire from the surrounding high ground.  The Germans, quick to learn, would answer this defense in a classic style by pinning the defenders with heavy fire while conducting a flanking maneuver with the main force which often included ski troops.  After being forced to retreat from this position in this way, Allied troops once again formed a similar defense with units of the newly arrived British 15th Brigade near the village of Otta on the Laagen River

VICTORY CONDITIONS: The Germans win by exiting 7 squads off any north edge hex(es) of board 2.  An AFV counts as one squad if exited with a functioning main gun.  Crews and half-squads do not count.  The British win by avoiding the German Victory condition.

SEQUENCE: 15 turns.  British sets up first, German moves first.

RULE LIMITATIONS:  All rules up through Crescendo of Doom or upon agreement of both players.

   7 NORTH ->




             2x9-1, 1x8-1, 1x8-0, 1x7-0, 12x4-5-7, 2x2-3-7, 1xHMG, 1xMMG, 3xLMG, 2xATR, 1x76mm MTR, 2xRoadblock, 2xEntrench, French 25LL ATG


              1x9-2, 2x9-1, 2x8-0, 12x4-6-7, 5xLMG, 2xMMG, 1xPzKwIID,

             2x8-1, 6x4-6-7, 1xLMG, 6xRubber Boats


AFTERMATH: Holding the commanding positions on the heights around Otta, the British troops had little problem in driving off the German attack.  The next attack proved more effective, this time having been coordinated with a flanking move on the east by tanks and ski troops, and by a river crossing to the