Published in the GENERAL volume 19 number 5: Updated 060716

STALINGRAD, October 20, 1942: At the end of September, units of Rodimtsev's 13th Guards were ordered to seize buildings on Lenin Square and form strongpoints. A damages apartment building was attacked and occupied by Sgt. Jacob Pavlov and his men, who formed a defensive position with some meager reinforcements. Since it sat astride the German line of advance to the Volga only 250 meters away, this strongpoint came under frequent attack. On 20 October, as part of they general German effort to compete their seizure of the city, one of the strongest attacks to date was launched against Pavlov's house.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: The player with the most unbroken full squads (not crews) in any hex of building 1Z7 a the conclusion of play wins. Should both players have an equal number of unbroken squads in the building, it is considered a Russian victory.

German sets up first
Russian moves first




AFTERMATH: As the German assault group approached the building, Pavlov's' men open fired on the infantry with MGs. When the panzers moved forward to silence the threat, the Soviet AT gun was able to destroy or drive all of them off. Without armor support, the infantry was unable to make any headway. Failure to properly coordinate air and artillery support with such local attacks led to repeated costly failures. This allowed many strongpoints, such as the apartment building that eventually became known as " Pavlov's House" to hold out until the siege was lifted.

CREDITS: Original design by Burt Baker, Development by Jon Mishcon & Joe Suchar. The TS scenarios were used in the Origins 1983 COI/COD tournament.


125.1 Buildings may gain 3rd level status only by specific scenario definition. In many cases a multi hex building will gain 3rd level status over only part of the total building usually a staircase hex.
125.2 Units in a 3rd level building are considered on the 3rd level only if they are placed on top of a 3rd level counter.
125.3 The cost of moving up or down a building level remains 2 MF per level. A unit may move up or down a staircase hex only one level per Advance Phase.
125.4 Demolition attacks which do not result in rubble (58.1) affect only the target level. Ground level flamethrowers may not affect a third level target directly.
125.5 Indirect fire affects only the two top levels with a separate effects dice roll for each level. It has no effect on ground level units unless a KIA result rubbles the entire building hex.
125.6 Being on a 3rd level counter is equivalent to being on a level three hill hex; the third level hex is a 3.5 level obstacle.
125.7 A level 3 building hex in the LOS of an observer on a level 4 hill causes a "blind zone" of three hexes directly behind it along the observer’s LOS (7.4).
125.8 Units may not fire up or down a staircase hex more than one level.
125.81 Direct fire HE shells aimed at the 3rd level of a building have no "Near Miss" (100) affects unless the TO HIT dice roll exceeds the TO HIT number by only one, in which case the second level of the building is hit with Area Fire (LOS permitting).
125.82 No AFV armament except AA MGs may fire at an adjacent building’s 3rd level.
125.9 All other rules pertaining to Upper Building Levels (57), Rubble (58), and Fire (59) apply normally with logical modifications. For example, units changing levels without a staircase (57.9) would be limited to a change of one level per turn.