VSQL Credits

updated 051101

VSQL is a project based on the original Virtual ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER (VASL) application and its successor, the VASSAL engine Java application, both authored by Rodney Kinney. With Rodney's help, the SQUAD LEADER module ported the similarities of maps and module components as a basis for VSQL. The VSQL team would like to thank Rodney and the rest of the VASL team for help and support with the project.

VSQL version 2.5 added all the functionality to play CROSS OF IRON to the module. The project also included a significant amount of additional work to make it viable for Squad Leader (SL/COI/COD/GIA) play. Those include endless hours by Dennis Jorgenson for the hand-drawn counter design for both the SL and COI gamettes, and the original SL interface for VSQL. Jay Yanek has redesigned the module, built the SL and COI counters and menu system, and acted as team cheerleader, driving the project along. Jay’s efforts were instrumental towards accelerating project completion. Bill Thomson served Program Manager and a key consultant in the project definition, design and organizing player input to define VSQL requirements to meet player expectation.

Other significant contributions, including earlier version integration, suggestions and testing; from Jeff Thorpe, Pete Pollard, Alan Yngve, and Jay White are greatly appreciated. Members of the Squad Leader Email list community and those actively playing SQL using the VASL 3.02 program were solicited to help define a VSQL project scope with functionality tailored for SQL (COI, COD, GIA included) play. The value versus work required to instill items from this wish list were reviews for prioritization. The alpha and beta playtest groups of earlier VSQL versions submitted additional in put.. All of these earlier efforts influenced the VASSAL Engine, VSQL and VASL as they currently appear.

Version 2.5 Beta Testing help was provided by John Blazel, Dennis Jorgenson, Pete Pollard, Scott Powers, Chris Stewart, Joe Thomas, Bill Thomson, Jay White, Jay Yanek, and Alan Yngve. Thanks to their time to help work out the final issues and give improvement suggestions. Several participants have made significant contribution. In appreciation of these combined contributions.

The VSQL project team would like to recognize the follow as ‘plank’ owners. Named Personal Leader Counters (PLC) will be included in this or future VSQL modules (five were available at release time). Additional recognition is made to the entire list of participants in the project scope, survey, alpha, beta and final checkout efforts: John Blazel, Russ Butler, Frank Bradshaw, David Carter, Alain Chabot, Lars Clausen, Andrew Cowdery, Jason Coyle, Tim Delong, Andy Dupras, Chris Edwards, John Fermendzin, Brian Gagnon, Jon Grantham, Dennis Jorgenson, Rodney Kinney, Marc Lammers, Dan Leader, Thomas Leete, Ian McDowall, Eric Pass, Pete Pollard, Scott Powers, Jason Russ, Eric Stranger, Curtis Teeters, Joe Thomas, Bill Thomson, Jeff Thorpe, David VanBronkhorst, Jay White, Jay Yanek, and Alan Yngve.