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From Moves 29; TERRIBLE SWIFT SWORD ERRATA (as of 19 Sept. '76)

The information listed below is a result of letters and comments from the players of TSS. It consists of a number of changes, clarifications, additions, etc., to the rules of the game, some corrections to the few typographical errors that appeared pertaining to the Order of Battle, as well as two additional suggested, but optional, rules that will increase historical enjoyment of the game at some cost to playability. The designer is grateful to the number of people who have responded with their insights and comments, and he certainly welcomes further such letters.

Counter Sheet (CORRECTIONS)

  1. There is an extra Confederate Unit in the counter-mix: the 35th Va. Battalion Cavalry. It is not used in the game.
  2. The Union 9th Mass Infantry Regiment should read, for its parent organization, 2/1/V.
  3. The Union 108th NY Regiment should read 2/3/11, not 1/3/11. It is listed correctly in the OB.

Brigade Combat Effectiveness Sheet. (CORRECTIONS)

There are several minor errors in the total strengths (not the BCE level) of a few of the units listed on the sheet. The true strengths of the units are listed below, with the mistaken strengths listed in parentheses:


These rules stated below may be used at the option of the players for added realism.

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