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(Click HERE for a detailed listing as a downloadable zipped Microsoft Excel 98 file; 35K). These resources are available for use by Wargame Academy Play by email Interest Groups (PIG)

  1. "ASL ANNUALS"; Publication dedicated to Advanced Squad Leader. Status Active. First Issue xxxx.
  2. "THE BOARDGAMER"': A Magazine Devoted To The Competitive Play of Avalon Hill/Victory Games and the Games Contested at the World Boardgaming Championships. Status: Active. First Issue: Aug 1995
  3. "CAMPAIGN": A Magazine Devoted To The Competitive Play of a broad spectrum of military historical simulation games. Originally published as "PANZERFAUST (Editor: Don Greenwood)". Published by Lowery Enterprises; Editor :Don Lowrey. Status: Inactive. First Issue XXXX; Last Issue YYYY
  4. "COMMAND": A Magazine Devoted To The Competitive Play of a broad spectrum of military historical simulation games. Published by the XRT corporation; Editor: Ty Bomba. Status: Inactive. First Issue: XXXX; Last Issue: YYYY
  5. " THE EUROPA NEWS": A magazine devoted to the Game Designer's Workshop EUROPA game system. Published by Game Research Design. Status: Uncertain. First Issue: May/June 1988; Last Issue WGA has: Vol X No 4; 1997
  6. "FIRE AND MOVEMENT": A Magazine Devoted To The Competitive Play of a broad spectrum of military historical simulation games. Status: Inactive. First Issue 1976 ; Last Issue WGA has: #67, 1990.
  7. "THE GENERAL": Journal by TAHGC focused on Competitive Play of Avalon Hill/Victory Games Status: Ceased publication when Hasbro purchased TAHGC. First Issue 1968; Last Issue: Vol 32 #3; 1998. Purchased as part of TAGHC by Hasbro and discontinued.
  8. "GRENADIER": A Magazine Devoted To The Competitive Play of a broad spectrum of military historical simulation games. Status: Inactive. First Issue: Spring 1982 ; Last Issue WGA has: June 1987.
  9. "MOVES"; Conflict Simulation Theory and Technique. Status: Uncertain. irst Issue Feb., 1972. Last Issue WGA has: #101, August/September, 2000.
  10. "ON ALL FRONTS": A magazine dedicated to the Squad Leader Series. (SQL, COI, COD, GIA) and Advanced Squad Leader System. Published by Terry Treadway. Status: Inactive. First Issue September/October 1982. WGA (aka Bill Thomson) was an original subscribrd from issue 1 through issue 66 May 1988. Feb. 1997 is considered to be the last year of the publication.with OAF issue 123. They started issuing ASL scenarios at issue 41. SQL content stopped at issue 48, then started for 3 scenarios, o99.1, Chance Encounters (solitaire), o110.1,The Bowling Alley(another solitaire but in Korea), and o110.1 Bottcher's Corner (Americans vs Japanese!). COI content stopped at OAF 64, COD content stopped at issue 55, and GI content stopped at issue 72. Several campaign games were publish but I do not have these to define the rules level, Otryad CG, Across the Ambleve, Terror in the Snow, and Streets of Fire. Thanks to Jim Rupp for the clarifying information.
  11. "RUN 5: Journal of the Strategic Studies Group (SSG), publisher of computer military history simulation games. Editors: Ian Trout and Rodger Keating. Status: Inactive. First Issue XXXX; Last Issue YYYY
  12. "SQUAD LEADER ACADEMY'; A magazine dedicated to PREASL (SQUAD LEADER, CROSS OF IRON, CRESCENDO OF DOOM; GI:ANVIL OF VICTORY) with emphasis on player development. Volume 1 Editor: Michael Handiboe. Volume 2+ Editor; SQLA/Bill. Thomson. First Issue February 1993. ; Last Issue Volume 2 No 12, December 1995.
  13. "STRATEGY AND TACTICS": A magazine by Strategic Publishing Inc (SPI) focused on SPI games; typically includes a Microgame or ziplock game. Status: Inactive. First Issue September/October 1974; Last Issue WGA has; September/October 1990.
  14. "THE WARGAME DIGEST": Magazine of Strategy, Tactics, and Gaming; Published Monthly by McCoy Pub. Ent. Status: Inactive. First Issue 1973?; Last Issue WGA has: Volume 10 No 7, 1983.
  15. "WARGAMER"; Published by Cummings Enterprises. First Issue XXXX; Last Issue YYYY
  16. "THE WARGAMER": International Magazine of Board Wargaming Status: Inactive. First Issue XXXX; Last Issue WGA has: #19 March/April 1982
  17. "ZOC" ;
  18. "HISTORY OF WORLD WAR II": A Journal Devoted To World War Two in an Eight volume set by Purnell Press (UK). Status: Inactive. Last Issue: Volume 8 number 12. I have the complete Set. Excellent source of photographs


  1. Critical Hit Magazine for ASL 


For Historical Reference Value; Public Library volumes in italics.

  1. Abdul-Jabbar & Walton; BROTHERS IN ARMS; The Epic Story of the 761st Tank Battallion, WWII' s Forgotten Heroes; 2004; Broadway Books, NY; ISBN 0-385-50338-5, p 187.
  2. Adkins, Roy; Nelson's Trafalgar-The Battle that changed the world; 2005; Viking Penguin; ISBN 0-670-03448-7.
  3. Ambrose, Stephen E.; BAND OF BROTHERS, 199X, Simon & Schuster, New York, NY; ISBN
  4. Ambrose, Stephen E.; CITIZEN SOLDIERS; 1997, Simon & Schuster, New York, NY; ISBN 0-684-81525-7
  5. Ambrose, Stephen E.; D-DAY; JUNE 6, 1944: The Climatic Battle of World War II; 1994, Simon & Schuster, New York, NY; ISBN 0-671-67334-3
  6. Angelucci, Enzo: THE RAND MCNALLY ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MILITARY AIRCRAFT 1914-1980; 1980, Military Press, NY, NY; ISBN 0-517-41021-4
  7. Arnold-Forster, Mark; THE WORLD AT WAR; 1973; Stein and Day; Briarcliff Manor, NY; ISBN0-8128-1623-4
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  11. Consumer Guide with Freeman, Jon; THE COMPLETE BOOK OF WARGAMES; Simon & Schuster, New York, NY; ISBN 0-671-25374-3.
  12. Craig, William; Enemy at the Gates, The Battle for Stalingrad; 1973; Koecky & Koecky; (2003 Barnes & Noble Books) ISBN 0-7607-4677-X
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  18. Karnow, Stanley; VIETNAM; A HISTORY; 1983; The Viking Press, New York, NY; ISBN 0-670-74604-5
  19. Larrabee, Eric; COMMANDER IN CHIEF: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, His Lieutenants, And Their War; 1987; Harper & Row; ISBN 0-06-039050-6
  20. Lucas, James; KOMMANDO, German Special Forces of World War Two; 1985, Cassell Military Paperbacks, New York, NY; ISBN 0-304-35127-x (Pete Pollard)
  21. Macksey, Kennith, INVASION-The German Invasion of England, July 1940,; Collier MacMillan; Ontario, Canada; 1980; ISBN 0-02-990290-8
  22. Macksey, Kenneth. J; PANZER DIVISION-The Mailed Fist; Valentines Illustrated History of WWII; Weapons Book, No. 2; 1968; Ballantine, New York, NY
  23. Mowat, Farley; AND NO BIRDS SANG; 1975; Little Brown, Canada; ISBN 0-8117-3145-6 [Personal account of British Flamethower Crocidile AFVs in WWII]
  24. Middlebrook, Martin; THE SCHWEINFURT-REGENSBURG MISSION: American Raids on 17 August 1943; 1983 Scribner's Sons; New York, NY
  25. Palmer, Nicholas; THE BEST OF BOARD WARGAMING; 1980, Hippocrene Books, NY, NY
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  27. Potter, E. B; NIMITZ; 1976; Naval Institute Press; ISBN 0-87021-492-6
  28. Pu-yu, Hu; A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE SINO-JAPANESE WARE (1937-1945); 1974; China Publishing LTD;, Taipei Taiwan,
  29. Ripley, Tim; STEEL RAIN, Waffen-SS Panzer Battles in the West 1944-1945; 2001; Brown Partworks, LTD, Londonl ISBN I-84044-092-9 (Pete Pollard).
  30. Rommel, Erwin; INFANTRY ATTACKS; 1979 Edition; Athena Press; Vienna VA; ISBN 0-9602736-0-3
  31. Rudel, Hans Urlich; STUKA PILOT; 1979; Bantam Books; NY, NY; ISBN 0-55--24487-6
  32. Ryan, Cornelius; A BRIDGE TOO FAR
  33. Ryan, Cornelius; THE LAST BATTLE
  34. Ryan, Cornelius; THE LONGEST DAY
  35. Staff of Strategy & Tactics Magazine; WAR IN THE EAST-The Russo-German Conflict 1941-45; AKA Strategy & Tactics Staff Study Nr. 1; Published by Simulation Publications, Inc (SPI); ISBN:0-917852-00-1
  36. Stephen, John L.; HAWAII UNDER THE RISING SUN- Japan's Plans for Conquest After Pearl Harbor; 1984; Univ of Hawaii; ISBN 0-8248-0872-X
  37. Studio Editions; JANE'S FIGHTING SHIPS OF WORLD WAR II; 1989. Studio Editions, London England, ISBN 1-85170-194-X
  38. Time Life Books; WORLD WAR II: 39 Volume set. This is another excellent source of pictures.
  39. Trewhitt, Phillip; ARMORED FIGHTING VEHICLES-300 of the world's greatest military vehicles; 1999, Freidman/Fairfax Pulishers-Amber Books, London UK, ISBN 1-58663-302-3 (Color side silhouettes.
  40. Trotter, William R.; A FROZEN HELL; The Russo-Finnish Winter War of 1939-40; 1991; Algonquin Books; ISBN 0-945575-22-X
  41. von Manstein, Erich; LOST VICTORIES:1982 Edition; Presidio Press, Navota CA; ISBN 0-89141-130-5
  42. von Senger, Etterling; GERMAN TANKS OF WORLD WAR II-the complete illustrated history of German armoured fighting vehicles 1926-1945; 1969; Galahad Books, NY, NY; ISBN 0-88365-051-7
  48. Wouk, Herman; THE WINDS OF WAR; 1971; Canada, Little, Brown
  49. Wouk, Herman; WAR AND REMEMBERANCE;


For Historical Reference Value rather than entertainment value

  1. A BRIDGE TO FAR; MGM; 1977; 176 minutes; Joseph E. Levine; DVD; Based on Book by Cornelius Ryan
  2. BAND OF BROTHERS; HBO Video/Dreamworks; 2002; 705 minutes; 6 DVDs
  3. CROSS OF IRON; 1977; Directed by Sam Peckinpah
  8. THE LONGEST DAY; 1967; 20th Century Fox; 178 minutes; DVD; Darrly; F. Zanuck; Based on Book by Cornelius Ryan
  12. WWII: a four video set that could be titled: How UK won WWII all by themselves
  13. WAR AND REMEBERENCE; Herman Wouk; sequel to the WINDS OF WAR covering Pearl Harbor to V-J.
  14. THE WINDS OF WAR; Herman Wouk; Historical/romance novel (covers 1938-Pearl Harbor)
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