BPA 2009 SQLS Tournament Scenarios:

updated 091003


R1 WG105 Patchwork German 7 Russian 4
R2 WG111 Nutcracker German 1 American 3
R3 WG103 Eviction Notice German 5 American 6
R4 TAHGC 8 The Bitche Salient German 14 American 20


R1 WG200 King of the Hills German 3 Russian 3
R2 OAF 62.2 Mogilev German 8 Russian 5
R3 WG208 Flugplatz 51 German 2 Russian 2
R4 TAHGC 109 Counterattack on the Vistula German 8 Russian 15


R1 TAHGC L The Long Road (18.4) V.French 4 British 2
R2 TAHGC 207 The French Perimeter German 4 French 5
R3 TAHGC T2 Pavlov's House (19.5) German 8 Russian 11
R4 JS10 The Schwerin Salient German 0 British 0


R1 TAHGC 300 Trial By Combat German 2 American 3
R2 TAHGC 308 Han-Sur-Neid German 1 American 2
R3 TAHGC 38 The Factory German 6 American 3
R4 TAHGC 36 Weissenhof Crossroads German 3 American 6

SCENARIO SELECTION: The players in the match play at the lowers common rules level. Example; Player A is at SQL level, Player B is at COD. They will play a SQL rules scenario. Knowing the tournament round, the scenario to be played is defined.

SCENARIO RECORD: The scenario record is listed for each side for reference. This shows the Axis win loss record for each scenario for reference. Beware that the quality of play and relative skill of the players in each record is unknown.

BIDDING PROCEDURE: If both players wish to play the same side, then bidding occurs in auction style. The lower seeded player (Player A) starts by picking any whole number 0 or higher. This represents the number of dominant squad types added to the other force. Player B can either accept to play the other force with the additional squad(s) or raise the bid. This continues until one player agrees to play the other force with the additional number of squads. Example: Assume R1 Squad Leader Scenario Patchwork is to be played and both participant prefer to play the Russian Side. The lowest ranked player starts the bid at 1 German 467 squad will be added to the German force to entice the other player to player the German side. The second player can either accept or raise the bid.